OACJ Endorses
Mary DeGenaro and Craig Baldwin

Mary DeGenaro and Craig Baldwin are endorsed by the Ohio Alliance for Civil Justice because they are the candidates most likely to work towards the principles most important to the Alliance:

  • Promote a healthy economic climate for Ohio
  • Stop frivolous lawsuits against businesses & professionals
  • Interpret the law, not make new laws

The Alliance believes it’s very important to support these two candidates because just one lost seat could significantly destabilize the judicial environment in Ohio.

Since 2002, the philosophical position of the Ohio Supreme Court has been relatively objective and reasoned. Ohio’s judicial environment has been rated as stable and predictable, but this is not a guarantee going forward.

The 2017 Lawsuit Climate Survey conducted by the U.S. Chamber Institute for Legal Reform by the Harris Poll has Ohio ranked 26th among the states in measuring how fair and reasonable the states’ tort liability systems are perceived by businesses. That’s an improvement of four places since 2012, but there is still room for improvement. This is another significant reason for the OACJ endorsements of DeGenaro and Baldwin. For the complete Lawsuit Climate Survey go to www.instituteforlegalreform.com

While we are fortunate to experience an economic recovery here in Ohio, it has been slow. But it has been steady. We must be careful not to jeopardize that progress. In 2017, Forbes ranked Ohio’s business climate 14th among the states– quite a jump from 26th in 2014. A pro-business judicial environment is important in maintaining a positive economy for our state.

Just as important is maintaining a separation of powers in our state government—electing Supreme Court justices who recognize their role in interpreting laws only and leaving the creation of laws to the Ohio General Assembly. In other words, conservative justices who view their roles as evaluators of whether any law or lower court ruling is in line with the constitution; not liberal justices who look to change the meanings of existing laws, to be policy makers.

These are the reasons the OACJ endorses candidates DeGenaro and Baldwin and encourages Ohioans to vote for them on the May 8th Primary Election.