Since 1987, the Ohio Alliance for Civil Justice has been working to reform the civil justice system through its support of fair and impartial judges who believe the judicial branch’s role in government is to interpret laws, not create them.

Ohio has seen the negative effects of judicial activism and has felt the adverse impacts caused by judges who legislate from the bench. Preserving the integrity of the judicial branch requires the election of judges who espouse sound judicial philosophies and a steadfast commitment to the rule of law.

Protect our courts. Preserve our laws. Promote qualified judges.

  Established in 1987, The Ohio Alliance for Civil Justice is a non-profit, broad-based coalition that includes many Ohio trade and professional associations, small and large businesses, medical groups, farmers and others.

Who We Are

The purpose of the Alliance is to help promote a healthy economic climate in Ohio by stopping lawsuit abuse and to promote a common-sense civil justice system in the state.

Leadership of OACJ includes representatives from The National Federation of Independent Businesses of Ohio, Ohio Manufacturers Association, Ohio Society of CPAs, Ohio State Medical Association, Ohio Council of Retail Merchants, Ohio Hospital Association and Ohio Chamber of Commerce.

OACJ’s primary objective is to promote judicial candidates who believe in the principle of judicial restraint and oppose the unhealthy practice of legislating from the bench. Too often Ohio families and businesses have suffered the adverse effects of public policy being crafted within the judicial branch, rather than the legislative branch of government. To prevent this type of judicial overreach, the Alliance utilizes a robust voter education program to help inform Ohio voters about which candidates will best serve them on the bench.